Mechanical issues can happen at any time which is why it is so important to have your car inspected by a 

qualified trained professional Technician. We recommend following the factory maintenance schedule. This not only will keep your car up to date with all its maintenance, but it is an opportunity for our Technicians to inspect the entire  car for any potential problems. This type of preventive maintenance could head off a mechanical failure or brake down at side of the road.     





All modern cars are loaded with dozens of electrical features and miles of wiring. Every system from the engine management to the taillights and everything between is controlled by a module/tiny computer. These systems all communicate with each other over the Controller Area Network (CAN).  They are complex systems and can have problems that are either current or intermittent, which can be extremely difficult to diagnose. Although similar, these systems vary from one brand of car to the next, Mercedes and Volvo are no exception. We have the latest diagnostic scanners  and testing equipment to access and communicate with these systems on Mercedes-Benz and Volvo cars.        


Our Technicians  are equipped to service the braking systems on all Mercedes-Benz and Volvo Automobiles. We maintain a large inventory of brake parts to insure a faster turn around and get the customer back on the road sooner. Later model Mercedes-Benz and Volvo cars have electronic braking systems (ie... SBC) and Electric Parking Brake, these systems need to be deactivated by special equipment before servicing. 


Many Mercedes are equipped with adaptive suspension systems. These systems operate with either compressed air or hydraulic fluid. Signs of problems could be the vehicle leaning to one side or lowering after sitting for a time. The car could raise or lower its self at will. An early diagnosis and repair at the first sign of a problem could save you from a more expensive repair later. For example, an air leak in the suspension can cause the compressor to run more than necessary causing a premature failure.     

Sheriff Import Services is striving to provide the customer with Prompt, Professional, & Personal Service. We understand the inconvenience of being without your car and we want to make that time as short as possible. All of our employees are trained, experienced, & professional. We offer a customer shuttle service also, pickup and delivery of the vehicle.