All Mercedes-Benz since 1998 require MB approved full synthetic motor oil and transmission fluids. We stock these special lubricants and filters to properly service MB cars. Likewise, Volvo began using full synthetic oils in 2011. 

Conventional oils can brake down and become contaminated forming sludge in the engine especially with today's longer change intervals. Synthetics offer superior protection against wear at wider temperature ranges and long change intervals. Using lesser quality lubricants only robs you of the full life and potential of your automobile.    



Service and maintenance is crucial to protecting the value of your car. We recommend following the Factory Maintenance Schedule, this will keep your car running and operating properly for years. While your car is being serviced it will be thoroughly inspected for any potential problems. 

We can also service later model cars under warranty. It is not necessary to take your car to the dealer for service as long as the services are done properly, on time, and documented. Our computerized  Maintenance Records can protect the Warranty of your car.  


A quality part is essential to a job well done. All of our parts are OE quality or better. We use many parts from OEM manufacture such as Bosch and Textar Brakes. Using high quality parts gives us the confidence to offer a one year warranty on all our work covering parts and labor. 

Sheriff Import Services is striving to provide the customer with Prompt, Professional, & Personal Service. We understand the inconvenience of being without your car and we want to make that time as short as possible. All of our employees are trained, experienced, & Professional. We offer a customer shuttle service also, pickup and delivery of the vehicle.